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 Lori Claremont
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Sent on 11/6/14

Attachment: A change in name but not in purpose
News from the ranch!


Sent on 29/4/14

Attachment: Welcome to Lori's Puppy Pleasure Ranch
We've got a new welcome note, and some new facilities at the ranch. Consider dropping by and having a look!


Sent on 3/12/13

Attachment: We're officially open!
Lori's Puppy Pleasure Ranch is officially open! Please read the notecard for some more details.


Sent on 3/11/13

Attachment: We've moved!
Big news, we've moved to a new location! More details and our new landmark in the notecard.


Sent on 6/3/13

Attachment: Please excuse our mess!
Let's try that again (with a non-blank notecard this time)


Sent on 5/3/13

Attachment: Please excuse our mess!
We're rebuilding! Details in the notecard.