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Sent 1 day, 14 hours ago

Attachment: Blueberry Date Night Lingerie Set
New Blueberry Release - Date Night Lingerie Set! 79511558@N08/34545680860/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent 1 week, 3 days ago

Attachment: Blueberry Nikita Rompers
New Blueberry Release: Rompers! Here is the high rez picture: Now available in the mainstore ♥ These rompers...


Sent 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Attachment: Blueberry Caiti Lingerie Set
The Caiti Set! It is now in the mainstore and the fat pack has an update!

Sent 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Attachment: Blueberry Babe Set - Tops and Shorts
Brand new Blueberry Set now available at the mainstore ♥ Hi berries ♥ The set I have been working on for a while is now out:

Sent on 7/4/17

Attachment: Blueberry Caiti Lingerie Set
Blueberry for Collabor88! Hi berries ♥ You can find this lingerie at Collabor88 now!

Sent on 3/4/17

Attachment: Blueberry Breeanya Dress Update
Important! Blueberry Breeanya Dress has expanded pack and has been updated. ♥ Hey Berries ♥ I have added a sheer version of the dress, which you can get by re-delivering.

Sent on 2/4/17

Attachment: Blueberry Breeanya Dress @ Mainstore
Blueberry New Long Dresses Out Now! Here is the preview:

Sent on 14/3/17

Attachment: Blueberry Sophia Dress - Renewed
Sophia update is now out! 79511558@N08/32603512284/in/dateposted-public/ If"...


Sent on 8/3/17

Attachment: Blueberry Loli Hoodie Top @ Collabor88
Blueberry @ Collabor88 Hi Berries! The Loli Hoodies are now available at Collabor88

Sent on 7/3/17

Attachment: Blueberry Grace Pants with Built in Boots
New release at Blueberry! Denim & Leather pants with built in shoes! Hi berries! Today there is a new release at Blueberry I am so excited about. Details  

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