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Sent 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Attachment: Blueberry Poppy Leggings and Jackets
Blueberry New Release - Blueberry - Poppy Leggings and Bomber Jackets.

Sent on 3/10/17

Attachment: Blueberry Kimi Jackets and Skirts Set
Blueberry New Mainstore Release. 79511558@N08/37433707936/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent on 16/9/17

Attachment: Blueberry Serena Set
Blueberry New Release - Leather Pants, Jeans, Bodysuits. 79511558@N08/37264790775/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent on 7/9/17

Attachment: Blueberry Benny Rolled Side Tank Tops
Blueberry at Collabor88! Hi dolls! Here are the Benny Tops I have prepared for Collabor88:

Sent on 26/8/17

Attachment: Blueberry - Tinker Set
New @ Blueberry. Here is the Tinker Set: 79511558@N08/36018440803/in/dateposted-public/ Each"...


Sent on 17/8/17

Attachment: Blueberry Penny Set
Blueberry 2 New Releases! Dresses, Tops, Denim Skirts ♥ Hi dolls! Blueberry Penny Dresses and Penny Skirts:

Sent on 10/8/17

Attachment: Blueberry Berrydoll Dress Set
Blueberry New Release! The BerryDoll Dresses ♥ Here is the BerryDoll Dress:

Sent on 31/7/17

Attachment: Blueberry Gift - Lace Tops
Blueberry Free Gift! You can now find this gift at Blueberry Main Store or marketplace:

Sent on 26/7/17

Attachment: Blueberry Daisy Jumpsuit and Tops
Hey dolls! Here is the Daisy Jumpsuit and Top (Comes together in 1 purchase)

Sent on 12/7/17

Attachment: Blueberry Kiki Knotted Tops - Denim Shorts
Hi dolls! Meet -Kiki Set- ♥ 79511558@N08/35718323772/in/dateposted-public/ Kiki"...


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