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Sent on 30/4/20

Attachment: Blueberry In Control Mega Pack
Blueberry New Release! Now Out!! Have we lost our minds? It's 5 Fat Packs in 1 Mega Pack and prices have NOT changed!! Please welcome the new Blueberry collection "In Control" the very first...


Sent on 11/4/20

Attachment: Blueberry Weekend Deal 4/11
Blueberry Weekend Deals - Limited Edition. Now available in the store♥♥ Were you obsessed with your Cake Leggings? If so, you are in the right place because this weekend's deal is an upgrade to...


Sent on 30/3/20

Attachment: Blueberry Ride Or Die Mega Pack
Blueberry & Reign Collab! Hey beautiful, guess what? Blueberry x Reign Collab is now OUT!! See this mega collab here:

Sent on 20/3/20

Attachment: Blueberry credits
Free Blueberry 350L Credit FOR EVERYONE! New Blueberry Store is NOW OPEN! Thank you SO much for your patience. Aaaand now on to something more fun. Every group members gets 350L credit to spoil...


Sent on 26/2/20

Attachment: Blueberry Reachless Mega Pack
Boom! Blueberry New Release!! OUT NOW♥ The Reachless Collection is NOW @ Blueberry!! Flaunt your style with a gorgeous purse that completes this collection See it here:

Sent on 31/1/20

Attachment: Blueberry Unbothered Set Mega Pack
Blueberry New ICONIC Release! 40% OFF Mega Pack for 1 WEEK! Brand. New. Release. This outfit creates the ultimate empowered, confident, -Unbothered- look. 4 Fat Packs inside 1 Mega Pack and Mega...


Sent on 30/1/20

Attachment: Blueberry Sale!!!!!
BLUEBERRY SALE! 50% OFF - Store Wide - 72 Hours Berries, we are going to have a brand new store next week and we are going to retire the older items we don't plan on updating. Before we do all...


Sent on 25/1/20

Attachment: Blueberry Unbothered WIP
Blueberry Upcoming Collection: Unbothered, confident, empowered. These are the vibes of the next iconic Blueberry set. Big give away for this set, 5 random berries will win this entire collection...


Sent on 17/1/20

Attachment: Blueberry 50L Friday 1-17-2020
Blueberry + 50L Friday = MAGIC! You guys, this is one hell of a deal. This 50L Friday round, I am participating in a major way. Click here to see -everything- you can get.

Sent on 4/1/20

Attachment: Blueberry Dynamite Mega Pack
Blueberry New Release - 50% Off Mega Pack Limited Time Deal Wow, you guys, wildest release ever. See our brand new set Dynamite, ironically crashed the Blueberry sims twice over night.

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