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Sent on 13/2/17

Attachment: Poshinista News 2/13/17
Newness@Poshinista again! We've cooked up something special for you! Please see the attached notecard for more information!


Sent on 24/1/17

Attachment: Poshinista News 1/24/17
Hello Poshies! Can you believe I've got MORE news and goodness for you? Please check out the detailed notecard for more information!


Sent on 21/1/17

Attachment: What's New @ Poshinista 1/21/17
Newness at Poshinista! See the attached detailed notecard for the latest releases!


Sent on 31/12/16

Attachment: Poshinista Babygirl Haven Skyboxes
It's been a long time coming but I've got three new releases! Check out the notecard for more information!


Sent on 22/4/15

Attachment: What's New @ Poshinista 21 April 2015
Hey Poshinistas I have a lot of info available for the store. Please see attached notecard. Happy Slife!


Sent on 3/6/13

Attachment: Poshinista Portable Room - June Group Gift BOXED
Hey Poshinistas! Just thought I would send you a group gift since I haven't sent one for awhile. I'm going to be doing things a little differently with group gifts. I know how precious your...


Sent on 1/2/13

Attachment: What's New @ Poshinista! - GROUP NOTICE -
Hello all! So much stuff going on @ Poshinista! Hopefully, I'll keep my resolution to get to work and create, lol. Check out the attached notecard for all the news & GROUP GIFT info. Sorry the...


Sent on 29/10/12

Attachment: Poshinista Halloween Group Gift
Happy Halloween! Please see included card in the group gift for more news about Poshinista!