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Sent on 9/3/14

Attachment: Custom Order Info - please return to Pygar Bu
Hello Subscribers! Pygar is taking custom orders for buildings, for your Bay City parcels (and parcels in other places too). See the attached notecard for details! Also, look for a new police...


Sent on 15/10/13

Attachment: Atomic Bu's
Hello Subscribers! There is some new stuff in the store today! A small workshop, and some shop shelves! They will be in the Showcase and on Marketplace soon. :-) Have a great day. - Atomic Bu


Sent on 11/8/12

Attachment: Atomic Bu's Showcase in the Sky
Hello Subscribers! A showroom in the sky has been installed, where you may use the rezzer to explore the vintagey goodness. :-) LM enclosed


Sent on 11/6/12

Attachment: Bay City Community SL9B Pavilion, Celebrate (204, 224, 21)
Hello Subscribers! Just a quick note to tell you to be sure and visit the Bay City Pavillion at SL9B, which opens this weekend! Hope to see you there!


Sent on 9/5/12

Attachment: Atomic Bu's
Hey subscribers! Jusat wanted to let you know there's a new Department store building available in the shop! This one is a flatiron style building, and is very nicely detailed. It even has a...


Sent on 19/4/12

Attachment: Atomic Bu's Vintage Buildings on Marketplace
Hello! just a quick note to let you know that Atomic Bu's Vintage Buildings are now on the Marketplace! Have a great day. :-)


Sent on 6/3/12

Attachment: Atomic Bu's
Hello! Atomic Bu's is now open.


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