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Mystique defines the mythical fantasy items which I create. Medieval Fantasy is my specialty but I love all fantasy. My creations transcend the typical light or dark builds, I also do landscaping, sim design. Free Gifts, promo offers, and special pricing for group members.

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Sent on 16/4/14

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Courtroom Update: An update has been made to the Gorean and Medieval Courtrooms. If you have purchased either set please rez a new copy to make sure you get the update. Claira


Sent on 1/6/13

Attachment: Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX
MFH IX has begun!!!! Get your hunt on medieval fantasy fans, the Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX has started! Attached is a NC with the info for the item I have submitted to the hunt (which is pretty...


Sent on 25/5/13

Attachment: Mystique - Mage Manor Ad
The Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX starts June 1st and I wanted to give you a preview of what I made for it. Have a magical weekend! Claira


Sent on 30/3/13

Attachment: Medieval Fantasy Fair 3/24 - 3/31
Only 2 days left to visit, explore, and hunt the MF Fair so come show your support! Don't forget to do the hunt, many FREE gifts at the end. LM attached

Sent on 24/3/13

Attachment: Medieval Fantasy Fair doors are open!!!!
Come by the Medieval Fantasy Fair to shop and do the Maze hunt, more than 40 vendors so lots of possible prizes!


Sent on 8/3/13

Attachment: *.: Mystique :.* Flagstone Walls Ad
New 50L$ - Flagstone Walls For todays Fable Friday sale I have some sculpted stone walls, three wall shapes with subtle differences and one post (see attached pic).

Sent on 1/3/13

Attachment: *.: Mystique :.* Grp Gift, New Release & March Hunt! 3/1
The Medieval Fantasy Hunt VIII has kicked off! I made an Enchanter's Table, great for all magic users. My FF sale item is a set of Claw Braziers which are perfect for adding a faint light to a...


Sent on 15/12/12

Attachment: Mystique - Tavern Long Table Ad
attached is a pic of this weeks FREE group gift, Tavern Long Table, below you'll see a slurl to its location.

Sent on 8/12/12

Attachment: *.: Mystique :.* Medieval Fantasy Designs by Claira Jules
2 New Group Gifts this week! I've just put out 2 new free group gifts, they will be available all week but come next Saturday they will be changed again. Woodland End Table Curly Fae Wall...


Sent on 1/12/12

Attachment: *.: Mystique :.* Medieval Fantasy Designs by Claira Jules
The 1st of 5 Group Gifts is out! Activate your group tag and click to get your FREE gift! This week its the Sacrificial Bowl and Candles in silver & bronze After today there will be a small...