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Sent on 18/7/16

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 7/18/2016
Hello everyone! Quick update, My new store is up and running there is still a few things not available for sale yet, but if there is something you want to buy or see feel free to drop me a...


Sent on 22/5/16

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 5/22/2016
Hello everyone! Quick update, In my last message I said my inworld store was going down for a while, the issue was the sim I was on was being shutdown and they moved me to a new land, Well my...


Sent on 19/5/16

Attachment: (none)
hello everyone, my inworld store is closed for now due to land issues so i am having to move, i dont know when my inworld store will be back but i will try and get back as soon as i can


Sent on 7/5/16

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 5/7/2016
Hello everyone! long time no siege! I hope all is well, I know I have not released anything in a long while and starting now I am going to change that by releasing some new products this week,...


Sent on 12/10/15

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 10/11/2015
Good news everyone! I have just released a new house and a new building which is now on the marketplace and in my store at my Vendor! if you would like to see it before you buy please feel free...


Sent on 10/10/15

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 10/10/2015
Good news everyone! I have just released a new house which is now on the marketplace! if you would like to see it before you buy please feel free to send me a message or a notecard! and As...


Sent on 16/8/15

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 8/15/2015
Hello and good day everyone! I have some good news! soon I will be releasing some new products as well as updates to some existing products so keep an eye out of a message about that! Second i...


Sent on 4/7/15

Attachment: (none)
Hello and good day/evening to everyone! Sorry for it being so long since my last update and product release, however i have been very busy in RL with a new job aswell as my main desktop dying on...


Sent on 4/8/14

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 8/4/2014
Good news everyone! new products released! check them out! and May The Force Be With You!


Sent on 27/7/14

Attachment: Sci-fi Nerd Update 7/27/2014
Good news everyone! new items releases which currently are only available in my inworld store and will be for a while. i am also sorry to say that until further notice i will not be releasing any...


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