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Sent on 29/2/20

Attachment: "Sweet Pony"
Hello, my friends! I present you "Sweet Pony"! "Sweet Pony" - This is a set consisting of boots and mittens and for your PonyGirls role-playing games. Boots and mittens have surfaces to change...


Sent on 14/5/19

Attachment: Lali's Ms. Thea Classic Boots
Hello, my friends! :) I presents you my new boots! Please read a notecard, look a pictures and welcome to my shop!


Sent on 6/2/19

Attachment: New Mask and Lucky Letters!
Hello, friends! Two news! New BDSM Mask with Accessories! New items in the Lucky Letters! Please read a notecard for info!


Sent on 1/1/19

Attachment: "Yes, Mistress!" - I did It!
Hello, friends! I present to you my new project -"Yes, Mistress!". Please read a notecard for to know the details. Happy New year!


Sent on 24/6/17

Attachment: *Silvia*
Hello, nylon lovers:) I present you *Silvia* - Glossy pantyhose with a sexy back seam and pyramid-shaped heel. Look please more info in the notecard or use this link:

Sent on 16/2/17

Attachment: NEWS from Lali
Hello, nylon lovers :) I have two news for you. 1 - I made a new sheer tighs. Please use a web-link for see all info and pictures.

Sent on 2/2/17

Attachment: New mesh boots for mesh bodies!
Hello, my friends :) So... I presents you couple of new boots for the few mesh bodies. Use, please, this links to see all details and welcome to my shop (to the second floor)

Sent on 26/1/16

Attachment: Leather Jacket & Latex Skirt
Hello, my friends:) I presents you my new work - Leather Jacket and Latex Skirt. Read all info in the notecard or use web-link. I hope you'll like It :)

Sent on 25/12/15

Attachment: Lali's Christmas tights
Hello, my friends! Merry Christmas! I want to give you a little gift from me! - Christmas Tights :) *hugs hugs hugs*


Sent on 9/12/15

Attachment: About Lali's Sheer Touch
Hello, nylon-lovers! :) I made a new big collection of different sexy nylon things - "Sheer Touch". Look please info in the notecard. Also I added more items to the "Lucky Letters" and newest...


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