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The ISON group for updates on new releases, sales and special events!

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Sent on 5/2/15

Attachment: ISON x Official blogger search!
ISON x Official blogger search now open! Check out the attached notecard for the link to application and details!


Sent on 28/1/15

Attachment: ISON x Uber / January 2015 - Celestial
NEW at ISON! Three new pieces out at for the January edition of Uber. Details in the notecard <3 Harry


Sent on 22/1/15

Attachment: ISON x Uber / Last chance - Ends Jan 23rd!
Hey guys, this round of Uber ends on January 23rd, so if you still wanted to pick up the Opulent set at a discounted price this is your last chance! In case you missed the initial notecard, here...


Sent on 12/1/15

Attachment: ISON - Holiday Gacha / Ends January 14th
LAST CHANCE at ISON! The holiday gachas are going back into the archives, grab them before they are gone on January 14. Information in the notecard <3


Sent on 9/1/15

Attachment: New at ISON - Uber + TMD
New release at ISON, check out the notecard for all the details <3


Sent on 8/12/14

Attachment: The Arcade + TMD!
New items out at ISON. Check the notecard for all the details <3


Sent on 19/11/14

Attachment: ISON - Winter Cape / New Release!
New release at ISON! The winter cape. Check out all the details in the notecard or at


Sent on 9/11/14

Attachment: ISON x C88 / November 2014
Hey guys, new releases at this month's Collabor88 event! Check out the notecard for the full details and photo! <3 Harry


Sent on 11/10/14

Attachment: ISON x C88 / Oct 2014
Hey guys, Collabor88 Is in full swing and I have some really special pieces out in case you haven't heard. Check out the notecard for full details!


Sent on 5/10/14

Attachment: ISON x TMD / Oct 2014
Hey, new men's item available at this month's Men's Department. Check out the notecard for all the details!