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Fantasy & Mythical Avatars in Second Life

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Sent on 3/11/11

Attachment: How to contact Hydrogen Excelsior & Aiko Yue
Hello guys. Linden Lab has added a new communication feature - Direct message or Inbox messaging. You can contact us via both web profile and in-world profile by.. Open our profile > click on...


Sent on 13/10/11

Attachment: (Niramyth) Halloween Event 2011
Halloween Event is back !! Pls see more info in attachment


Sent on 2/9/11

Attachment: Niramyth Daenotaur (The Coal & The Dust)
Hi everyone.. We're glad to announce that the new avatar "Niramyth Daenotaur" now is available for sale at In-world store and Market Place !! Let's check it out :))


Sent on 1/9/11

Attachment: Niramyth New Avatar
Hello guys.. It's been a long time!! Now we're happy to announce new Avi to be released shortly, will be available on sale at In-world store & on Market place within this week. Stay tuned !!!...


Sent on 11/8/11

Attachment: (none)
The region now has been changed from "Sense" to "Niramyth" (to get ready for something new). Please type the name of the region as "Niramyth" when you search on World map. For Classifieds search,...


Sent on 31/7/11

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Welcome to "[Niramyth]" Update Group