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Sent on 21/6/13

Attachment: T R I D E N T Roman Ancilla
A new historical themed release, the Roman Ancilla is a short, sensual tunic embellished with a complete set of jewelry, cast in ancient gold, inspired by the symbolic image of the serpent,...


Sent on 25/4/13

Attachment: T R I D E N T Spring Dryad
Expanding the well loved "Dryad" line that already features autumn and winter themed natural outfits, the "Spring Dryad" is a celebration of the beauty of the season of renewal, with white-pink...


Sent on 17/3/13

Attachment: T R I D E N T Celtic Shamrock Set
Just in time for St.Patrick, a themed set of necklaces and earrings, featuring fine silver or gold shamrock-shaped jewelry with teardrop shaped emeralds. More in the Notecard.


Sent on 16/3/13

Attachment: T R I D E N T Celtic Circle Jewelry
Inspired by ancient patterns found on standing stones, carved crosses,and illuminated manuscripts, the new collection Celtic Circle is a masterwork of intricate, pre-historic design and...


Sent on 5/2/13

Attachment: T R I D E N T "Teonova" Leather Masks
Seven beautiful handmade leather masks, created with a timeless leatherworking technique that makes them perfect for any time frame: from ancient world rituals, to medieval and renaissance...


Sent on 2/2/13

Attachment: T R I D E N T Pleasure Slave III
Third in a well-loved series of Pleasure Slave garments, this lavish outfit features pieces of moon-shaped ancient silver or gold jewelry, encrusted with precious stones, and tight-fitting body...


Sent on 13/1/13

Attachment: T R I D E N T Winter Furs
The cold winds of winter will find you prepared, covered in your newly released Winter Furs. Featuring hood,top, skirt, armbands & legband, in black or white wolf fur, castor or brown bear...


Sent on 30/11/12

Attachment: T R I D E N T Pleasure Slave II
Celebrating the intoxicating arts of the gorean passion slave, the Pleasure Slave II is a sensual frame of delicate chains outlining and enhancing the slave's figure; small handwrought jewelry...


Sent on 21/10/12

Attachment: T R I D E N T Hierophant of Sin
Completing the tryptich with the Disciple of Sin and Priestess of Sin, the Hierophant of Sin outfit combines tight-fitting leather belts and cuffs with fishnet stockings and gloves and a...


Sent on 13/10/12

Attachment: T R I D E N T Priestess of Sin
Almost a dominant companion to the Disciple of Sin, the newly released Priestess of Sin is expressedly intended for high slaves, dominae, maenads and hierophants of the dark cults. More in the NC.


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