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NOP~ is an event planning & promotion company that hosts events in various forms to support and promote: Femboy, TG, Andro & all other forms of 'alternative' genders in human, Kemono, furry & all other communities.

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Sent on 19/9/19

Attachment: New Release Update! FBH13 Sponsor - Bella Note
Femboy Hunt 13 Sponsor Bella Noté has a new release! Sleepy time shirts, fit V-Tech and Maitreya. Comes in two colour sets of the fatpack! Check the incoming NC for more info and an LM! ❤


Sent on 5/9/18

Attachment: Femboy Hunt 11 Hunt Scene/Emo HUD [v1]
FBH pics & hint page is back up! Check it out! All the stores are now verified and ready to go! Yes - There are THREE stores on the NOP~ Events sim with prizes, pay attention to the clues! ❤

Sent on 31/3/18

Attachment: Femboy Hunt 10 Hunt Cyberpunk HUD [v3]
It's the LAST day of the Femboy Hunt! Have you grabbed all the items yet? No??? OMG GO NOW! Here's the HUD to help you find all the stores, and the blog for clues and pics!

Sent on 12/3/18

Attachment: Femboy Hunt 10 Hunt Cyberpunk HUD [v2]
Here's the HUD for the Femboy Hunt! All stores are updated and ready to go! You can check out the prizes at

Sent on 27/11/17

Attachment: (none)
I've had many requests for a holiday edition Femboy Hunt but I feel it would be too rushed & not enough time for designers to create something awesome before xmas. There's a LOT of new femboy...


Sent on 3/4/17

Attachment: Rule 34 Event Invite for Designers [April Round]
It's time again to register for Rule 34! The next round begins April 14th, the theme is 'Cute & Fuzzy'! Apps are open to Designers and Bloggers!

Sent on 23/6/16

Attachment: Rule 34 Event @ NOP~ Events - Home of the Femboy Hunt
Hihi everyone~ It's time once again to go get the awesome stuffs over at Rule 34! Grab a friend and hop, skip, jump or hump your way over to check out what this round has to offer! This round...


Sent on 23/2/16

Attachment: Femboy Hunt 8 Info!
The new theme is announced, and the invitations are being sent! The 8th Femboy Hunt is coming in April! it also marks our 4th anniversary, so I chose one of my favorite themes: Gothic! Please take...


Sent on 11/2/16

Attachment: Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt Master Store List [Updated 02-10]
Here is the current hints and SLURLs as of RIGHT NOW for the Fur Love & Lust Hunt. Use 'em to go grab the goodies! As always, if you need help, don't be afraid to ask in the Femboy Hunt & Events...


Sent on 5/2/16

Attachment: Fur Love & Lust Kemono Hunt Master Store List [Updated 02-04]
Fur Love & Lust Hunt UPDATES! ❤❤ BluPrintz SLURL updated! ❤❤ .::[HTxDZ]::. and Shi-Turbo are now ready! GO GET 'EM! Check out the blog for all current updates & pics!

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