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 Sei Minuet
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 {Lemon Tea} & How Vexing
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This is for updates on new products, events, and the occasional freebie for the shops {Lemon Tea} and How Vexing.

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Sent 5 days, 1 hour ago

Attachment: c( TC ) Neko Paw Seat poster
New Release: Neko Paw Seat! Check the blog: https://goo.gl/ENgqXm or the incoming poster.


Sent 1 week, 2 days ago

Attachment: 25LT - 06/13/2017
25L Tuesday at c( Two Cats One Cup )! https://flic.kr/p/Uwerzi


Sent 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Attachment: c( TC ) Scifi Hallway Backdrop
Incoming free sci-fi snapshot backdrop from c( Two Cats )

Sent on 4/11/16

Attachment: c( TC ) @ We <3 RP November!
c( Two Cats ) is at We ♥ RP! New animated tail! Check inc notecard or blogpost:

Sent on 31/10/16

Attachment: Sale at c( Two Cats One Cup ) !!
31% off the entire store at c( Two Cats One Cup ) ~

Sent on 19/10/16

Attachment: Halloween gachas!
Come check out Halloween gachas! Bat pet, ghost plushie, and candied applies! All less than 50L a play!

Sent on 13/6/16

Attachment: c( TC ) GameCat Poster
Re-release of the c( TC ) GameCat Handheld Console! Check the incoming pic or the blog post here:

Sent on 22/5/16

Attachment: c( TC ) Splayed Horns Poster
New horns released at c( TC)! Check the incoming pic or view the blog post:

Sent on 17/5/16

Attachment: batsy poster
New gacha! Batsy the shoulder pet! Check out the blog post for location or come to the main shop:

Sent on 14/5/16

Attachment: c( TC ) Holocage Poster
New release at c( Two Cats One Cup )! A holocage! See the blog here or view the incoming poster:

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