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Sent 3 days, 12 hours ago

Attachment: Desiging Worlds looks back at Second Lfes's history Part 2
The Primgaph says: Today Designing Worlds revisits the early years, including our first visit to the Home & Garden Expo, a glimpse of 2008 Relay for Life builds, our very first Babbage show - and...


Sent 1 week, 3 days ago

Attachment: Designing Worlds explores the work of Nonprofit Commons
The Primgraph says: Today Designing Worlds visits Nonprofit Commons, location for a number of not-for-profit organisations in Second Life, and looks at some of the projects being undertaken. See...


Sent 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Attachment: Designing Worlds explores Bakes on Mesh: what it is and does!
The Primgraph says: Today Designing Worlds has a really fascinating show as we discuss the newly-available Second Life technology Bakes On Mesh (also known as BOM) - what it is and how it can be...


Sent 3 weeks ago

Attachment: Happy Halloween - with Gifts in the Library by Designing Worlds
Happy Halloween from The Primgraph - and don't miss the special Halloween Tale, Gifts in the Library from Designing Worlds, available on SlArtist, Vimeo and YouTube. See the notecard for details....


Sent 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Attachment: Gifts from the Library - a Halloween Tale from Designing Worlds
The Primgraph says: Mon 28th Oct: Today Designing Worlds is telling a very special tale for Halloween - Gifts from the Libra, set in the mysterious streets above The Looking Glass. See the...


Sent on 21/10/19

Attachment: Designing Worlds - where it all began!
The Primgraph says: Mon 21st Oct: Today Designing Worlds is sharing achance to see one of our history shows looking back to the show's beginnings as MetaMakeover on SLCN. See notecard for more...


Sent on 14/10/19

Attachment: Designing Worlds is back - with a discussion about Second Life
The Primgraph says: Mon 14th Oct: Designing Worlds returns - with a discussion show looking at Second Life - where it is now and where it's going - with some interesting developments internally...


Sent on 29/7/19

Attachment: Designing Worlds offers a retrospective on the LEA
The Primgraph says: Mon 29th July: Designing Worlds feature-length episode pays a final visit to the LEA in its current form, & looks back at fascinating projects and installations over the years....


Sent on 22/7/19

Attachment: Designing Worlds visits SL16B - Part 2!
The Primgraph says: In this episode of Designing Worlds, we pay the second of two visits to the amazing SL16B, looking at resident and Mole builds (including the new range of Linden Homes). See...


Sent on 15/7/19

Attachment: Designing Worlds visits the fabulous SL16B - Part 1
The Primgraph says: In this episode of Designing Worlds, we pay the first of two visits to the amazing SL16B. See the notecard for more details & how to watch on the web or join our Watch Party....


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