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 Dirk Breen
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 Toy's Art Gallery
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Toy's inworld art gallery is a huge multi-floor beautifully designed structure housing over 75 works of Toy's 2D SL & RL photo-art as well as his amazing recent 3D Mesh statues & sculptures. All his works have a notecard that visitors will receive and they can read the Artist's Comments for each of his works! All Toy's art is also for sale. Full Contact Info:

Recent messages

Sent on 8/1/15

Attachment: Toy's executing a SecondLife 1st - Bronze Cast his Mesh Art
Toy's Exciting Art Milestone & SecondLife 1st. LL CEO Ebbe Altberg Signs On! Toy's 1st Bronze Casting run of his SL Mesh Sculpture "SHATTERED". Invites you to join the order. Read Details in...


Sent on 19/5/13

Attachment: NEW ART RELEASE Toy's Art Gallery - HIS PRINCESS Sculpture
NEW ART SCULPTURE RELEASE @ Toy's Art Gallery! "HIS PRINCESS" Open attached notecard for photos and details. On display now - come visit! Artist: TOYSOLDIER THOR


Sent on 20/1/13

Attachment: (none)
ARTIST: Toysoldier Thor has been invited to have an ART TALK at the amazing PARIS METRO @ 10am SLT. He will be talking about him the Artist, his art on display and answering any questions you...


Sent on 22/10/12

Attachment: Paris Metro Art Gallery: Gala invitation"Artist's Harvest"
To my Art Loving fans... I am excited to invite you to my exhibit at the amazing PARIS METRO. Grand Opening Gala Sun Oct 28th at noon. Details are in the attached notecard. Hope you can all...


Sent on 11/8/12

Attachment: IMPORTANT NEWS! Toy's Store & Art Gallery has MOVED & MERGED!
BIG IMPORTANT NEWS - Toy's Art Gallery has moved to a new location!! His new larger gallery is also merged with his Landscapes Store. Details in the attached Notecard! Love for you to Visit!


Sent on 30/7/11

Attachment: (none)
Exciting Milestone for TOYS ART GALLERY - Today only 2 weeks after the grand opening - I welcomed my 500th Visitor! Thanks to all of you! Toy


Sent on 23/7/11

Attachment: ToysoldierThor Live Chat Interview in SL at 10amslt
Hello Toys Art Gallery Club - TOYSOLDIER THOR will be a live chat Artist Guest at Netera's Coffee Lounge at 10am today - you r invited!


Sent on 15/7/11

Attachment: YOUR INVITATION: "MIRAGES OF ART" @ Toys Art Gallery
To all my Art Gallery Patrons! You are invited to 1 of 2 amazing Grand Re-opening events at Toy's Art Gallery! Amazing new design - 50 artworks on display!


Sent on 9/4/11

Attachment: Toys-FineArt-WallArt-DEMOPACK
Toys ART HUNT EVENT @ Toy's new Art Gallery! Starts Today for 1 week. Read details of the ART HUNT EVENT! Win your Free Art Work for your SL Home!


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