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Free gifts and event notifications for %Percent. I never send anything without a gift included, (I hate spam!)

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Sent on 23/8/19

Attachment: %Percent - FBF Sale item update Aug 23, 2019
Hey peeps! I goofed, but all is fixed now. Please see the NC if you want updated info on this week's FBF item, (ignore if not.)


Sent on 12/6/19

Attachment: %Percent-Events Jn 13th, 2019 (free & $1 hunt items!)
Hello! This nc has info on various events, including one with a FREE building, and also a $1 hunt coming up in a few days! Hope you're having a great week!


Sent on 17/5/19

Attachment: %Hooper Chandelier *MESH* SUBSCRIBER Delivery Box
Hey! I'm back with a brand new gift and info about current events! Please see nc for more info! 8D


Sent on 11/4/19

Attachment: %Percent-Events - SIX FREE hunt items, starting NOW! :)
Hello! There's a big Spring hunt at my main store! SIX items, starting NOW! Please see nc for more info!


Sent on 16/3/19

Attachment: %Percent-Event & Free Hunt Item Mar 16, 2019
Hello! Free hunt item and current event info! Check it if you have some time to spare :) Thanks!


Sent on 6/12/18

Attachment: %HollyBerry Candles (silver/gold) *MESH* SUBSCRIBER GIFT
Hello all! Here comes the newest Subscriber Gift! You can get a red/green version for sale in the store for Fly Buy Fridays! Check the nc, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Sent on 21/11/18

Attachment: %Subscriber random gift with sales event info! Nov19
A free item for you, and info about current and future events, including the Black Friday sale, going on NOW! :)


Sent on 15/11/18

Attachment: %Percent-Free Gift & Events, Nov 2018
Hello! I have a FREE gift in-store! And it's cuuuute! Please check the nc! Thanks! :)


Sent on 17/10/18

Attachment: %Skull Pillow (hotpink) *MESH* %SUBSCRIBERS! Delivery Box
Hello! Sending you a new Halloween item! Please check the nc for info on how to get the same item in other colors, for free! Thanks! :)


Sent on 21/9/18

Attachment: %Chompers! SUBSCRIBER Gift *MESH* Delivery Box
This is a sooper-dooper gift, for YOU! Please read the nc for current/upcoming event info! Thanks! :)