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SCROLL DOWN FOR KIOSK LOCATIONS Subscription group for Pomegranate, for people who like pillows and rugs.

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Sent on 11/9/19

Attachment: Pomegranate - Gilded Feathers Rug - Snow v2
Wee update on Gilded Feathers white & gold rug I wasn't happy with the original version and it was bugging me, so I gave it a makeover this morning. Sending pic if you want a peek.

Sent on 11/9/19

Attachment: Pomegranate - New Releases & Updates 9/10/19
New Releases and Lots of Updates at Pomegranate As promised, the official announcement, with pics. Please read to see if you were affected by one of my brain fog errors (Fleece and slate Writer's...


Sent on 9/9/19

Attachment: Pomegranate LM
I have a little more time available to spend in SL atm! I've placed some scattershot new items out, including a couple of succulent prints, tropical frames, an abstractish one-eyed-cat print, a...


Sent on 3/4/19

Attachment: Pomegranate at the RFL Home & Garden Expo 4/3/19
Pomegranate new releases at the RFL H&G Expo, ending soon! …because I took forever to get this notice out. Notecard has all the pics and info. Almost everything is a donation item, come pick up...


Sent on 6/2/19

Attachment: Pomegranate - Newly Available Pillows, Fur Rug 2/6/19
A few pillows and a round version of the popular Silky Fur Rug now available for sale: Post with details here:

Sent on 1/1/19

Attachment: Pomegranate - Last Days for Winter Market; New on Sale 1/1/19
Pomegranate - Last Days for Winter Market, New for Sale - Hello and happy New Year! I'm sending warmest wishes to all of you for a lovely year to come. It is last days for the 3D Republic Winter...


Sent on 17/12/18

Attachment: Pomegranate - Corinth Rugs + Events 12/17/18
Large new set of rugs out at Pomegranate, post here:

Sent on 15/12/18

Attachment: Pomegranate LM
Another Early Bird Sale at Pomegranate ...this time for the coordinating Corinth rugs. 37L until I take pics and get the official word out. That may happen today, or I may poop out and pick it...


Sent on 14/12/18

Attachment: Pomegranate - Corinth Pillows, Last Call & Gifts 12/14/18
I've released a large new staple pillow set in warm undertones & soft zigzag fabric. 4 have been set aside for 25 Days of Giving. Post:

Sent on 13/12/18

Attachment: Pomegranate LM
Pomegranate early bird sale, 25L pillows: Hiya, I just put out a large new set of pillows. They're a good staple set, all with warm undertones for a warm winter home. Half off until I get pics...


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