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Tekeli-li! dark artistry release update group - only information relevant to Tekeli-li! and the Hollow Earth Barony region will be sent through this group.

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Sent on 15/4/13

Attachment: Tekeli-li! - Mainstore moving + sale
Just a final reminder that the current Tekeli-li! mainstore is closing very soon- in less than 24 hours, it should close, and with it, the 50% off sale will be ending- this is the last chance to...


Sent on 13/4/13

Attachment: Tekeli-li! - Mainstore moving + sale
Just a reminder that the moving sale is still going on at Tekeli-li! dark artistry's soon-to-be-closed mainstore location! 50% off until the location closes- the new location is smaller, and there...


Sent on 9/4/13

Attachment: Tekeli-li! - Mainstore moving + sale
The current Tekeli-li! mainstore is closing! From now until the time of closure (approx. Apr 16) all products at the current mainstore location are 50% off. Tekeli-li! is not closing entirely...


Sent on 30/10/12

Attachment: New @ Tekeli-li! - "Alluvium" Jewelry + Halloween gifts/sale!
Hi there- just a reminder that the Tekeli-li! dark artistry 50% off Halloween sale is still going on through Nov.1st. It's a great opportunity to put together a fantastic costume at a very...


Sent on 26/10/12

Attachment: New @ Tekeli-li! - "Alluvium" Jewelry + Halloween gifts/sale!
There's a new release out at Tekeli-li! - the 'Alluvium' mesh jewelry set. It's also time for the annual Halloween sale- 50% from now - Nov 1st, and a couple of L$0 special color edition...


Sent on 31/7/12

Attachment: Now @ Tekeli-li - New hairs from HF2012
Hair Fair 2012 is now over- which means that the new styles released by Tekeli-li! dark artistry for the event are now available at the mainstore (including the gift hair, now a dollarbie). See...


Sent on 14/7/12

Attachment: Tekeli-li! @ Hair Fair 2012
Hair Fair is open, and Tekeli-li! dark artistry is offering 4 new styles- 2 ornate female fantasy updos (one with a knife in it!) and 2 unisex alien tentacle hairs- there's also a new gift hair in...


Sent on 25/5/12

Attachment: New @ Tekeli-li! - "Kindled" Mesh Hair & Jewelry
New @ Tekeli-li!, the 'Kindled' mesh hairstyle and jewelry are fantasy-inspired designs featuring a heart & flame-shapes motif as the focal point. These mesh wearables are designed with attention...


Sent on 1/5/12

Attachment: Now @ Tekeli-li! - Mesh Ankh Earrings dollarbie
Fantasy Faire is over, but, the Tekeli-li! RFL items are still available at the mainstore. Also, a gift of Mesh Ankh Earrings that was available at the Faire is now released as a permanent...


Sent on 21/4/12

Attachment: Tekeli-li! @ Fantasy Faire 2012
Fantasy Faire 2012 has begun, and Tekeli-li! dark artistry is of course participating- this year's new release to benefit RFL is a unisex mesh jewelry set, designed to work with casual looks as...


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