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 Jozie Fhang
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Updates and freebies for those concerned about group slots!

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Sent on 11/8/20

Attachment: Faun Legs 4.0
If you've been with us from the beginning you'll remember our old Sculpty faun legs. It's been years and those legs have finally been upgraded and are custom fitted to Utilizator's Avatar 2.0! ...


Sent on 25/7/20

Attachment: Neko Ears Main Disp
NEW @ ARIDOKI! Large Mesh Neko Bento Ears!


Sent on 14/3/17

Attachment: Sneakers iwsd
NEW @ ARIDOKI! Ladies Mesh Sneakers in 4 Patterns! Only 100L!


Sent on 15/3/16

Attachment: sky studio
New @ ARIDOKI, 100% Mesh Sky Studio!


Sent on 13/12/15

Attachment: IWSD Antlers
Mix and Match Deer Ears and Antlers @ ARIDOKI


Sent on 8/12/15

Attachment: Penguin Gacha
Now available via Gacha, our adorable Penguin Plushies! 4 types, 1 rare 80L


Sent on 12/9/15

Attachment: ARIDOKI
Did you hear about our new location?


Sent on 17/4/15

Attachment: Unicorn gacha
NEW Unicorn Horn and Ears Gacha, 50L to Play two rares to earn!


Sent on 21/10/14

Attachment: Snapshot : Jozie Fhangs Home, Sylvhara (233, 90, 30)
New Halloween Gacha!


Sent on 22/9/11

Attachment: Plant Sacks
New adorable plant sacks available in four varieties!


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