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Sent 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: Say & TJ break in The New Music Box! 11/7 @ 7pm! (Add/wear)
Join Say Imamu and TJ O. Joubert on Saturday, 11/7 as we christen The Music Box's new location! You won't want to miss this wonderful night of exciting, soul stirring, booty shaking music! ...


Sent on 25/10/20

Attachment: Joubert Performing Arts Center
Hi! For some reason I feel like singing today. And to co-sign, my hubby wanted to hear me sing too! So if you're in the mood to hear some singin, come as you are and bring a friend! Show...


Sent on 26/9/20

Attachment: 2020 VISION CHURCH GOSPELFEST (TJ on at 4:45pm) (add/wear)
Greetings! Join me this evening for a wonderful Celebration of Joy at Vision Church's Gospel Fest! TJ will be closing this service with a few meaningful songs to warm your heart and give you...


Sent on 27/8/20

Attachment: C & JAA's End of Summer Swagg 8/27/20 TOUCH FOR LM
Join TJ tonight for an amazing night of music! Live singers start at 4 and TJ goes up at 8pm! You won't want to miss this!


Sent on 12/7/20

Attachment: Location for Naj's SURPRISE Bday Celebration-630pm dinner
Join us tonight @ 630 for a very special treat: A birthday Celebration for my husband, Najour Joubert. And it'll inlcude a few selections from me! Attire: Come as you are!


Sent on 7/7/20

Attachment: TJ Sings for SLB17 After Party! 7/7 @ 5pm
TJ Sings for you live 7/7 @ 5pm! Details inside!


Sent on 28/6/20

Attachment: TJ O. sings for SL's 17th Bday @ 4pm! (add/wear & click)
Join us at Second Life's 17th Birthday Celebration today @ 4pm for a speical performance from Tj!


Sent on 27/6/20

Attachment: Say & TJ sing Live for you 6/27 @ 6pm!
Join us 6/27 at 6pm for some of the best singing you'll hear on the grid!! Details Inside!


Sent on 12/6/20

Attachment: TJ Closes Slollapalooza!! 6/12 @ 945pm (Add & Click)
TJ Headlines the Parker Static's SLollapalooza 6/12 @945pm! Details Inside!


Sent on 24/5/20

Attachment: TJ O. Joubert & Lolo Streusel Sing Live Tonight @ 6pm!
Join us tonight at 6pm as The Joubert Performing Arts Center hosts a dynamic lineup of singers: TJ O. Joubert & Re-introducing Lolo Streusel! Details Inside!


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