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Sent on 8/9/17

Attachment: Cupcakes & Poetry, deviousMind (116, 115, 28)
Heya cupcakes! It's been a quiet summer, but the bakery is looking like fall now, and there are some goodies about! If you need a custom cake for the holidays, or a rezday, drop me a notecard!


Sent on 24/12/16

Attachment: ::C&P:: Starry Christmas Treat Sacks
Christmas time again, cupcakes! Open this wee box for a sweet, wearable surprise, x6! Thanks for your support the whole year through!


Sent on 26/11/16

Attachment: ::C&P:: Snowy Macaron Stack (wear)
Hello cupcakes! The seasons are turning you know what that means! The bakery is getting snowy, and open for custom holiday gift orders!


Sent on 23/4/16

Attachment: ::C&P:: Purple Rain, cupcake hat
Oh cupcakes. What a devastating year. Prince was very influential to my creative life growing up, so put this purple cake on your head and dance.


Sent on 13/2/16

Attachment: ::C&P:: Valentine Treat Sack 2016 (wear me)
Heya Cupcakes! Here's a sack of cake and other sweets to put on your head! Happy Valentines!! <3


Sent on 30/1/16

Attachment: ::C&P:: RezDay Treat Sack 2016 (wear me)
A devious little bird told me rezday was approaching yet AGAIN, and somehow...I've been here nine years. Nine. I'm attaching a little goodie for you, because one should always wear something sweet...


Sent on 24/12/15

Attachment: ::C&P:: Starry Christmas Treat Sacks
Merry Christmas, cupcakes! I am attaching a box of cupcake goodness for you--treat sacks for your head! They are transfer, so you can give them to your friends, too! Merry everything!! ~elise


Sent on 3/12/15

Attachment: Cupcakes & Poetry, deviousMind (116, 115, 28)
CUPCAKES! Santa stopped by the bakery! There are holiday sweets and lucky gift boxes! I hope you'll come by!


Sent on 3/10/15

Attachment: Cupcakes & Poetry, deviousMind (116, 115, 28)
A taxi that smells like fall and cupcakes arrives to cart you to the bakery, where delicious fall treats await you!


Sent on 22/8/15

Attachment: gacha-kittens
Cupcakes! There are five adorable kittens trapped in the bakery gacha machine. They hope you will come get them out! No rares so they're all easily got + tradeable! ♥


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