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Sent on 24/12/12

Attachment: Happy Holydays from *Gem* Designs
Happy Holidays from *Gem* Designs (gift gift gift)


Sent on 17/12/12

Attachment: *Gem* Designs at 25L
Dont miss the 25L itens at *Gem* Designs, look at the note!


Sent on 13/12/12

Attachment: *Gem* at Krissmuss
You dont wanna miss this *Gem* Designs at Krissmuss! Look at the note! <3


Sent on 24/2/12

Attachment: (none)
Hello Sweeties. For those that already got the GGWH gift, there is a mistake on the skirt, isnt mod, now is fixed, so please come back to the store and grab the outfit again. Sorry about that....


Sent on 7/12/11

Attachment: OMG its Xmas!!!
OMG its already Xmas and i'm ready for it! News at *Gem* Designs!


Sent on 3/10/11

Attachment: *Gem* Designs at Fall Fete
*Gem* Designs new 25L at Fall Fete is already in place, grab the note for pics and lm!


Sent on 31/8/11

Attachment: News, News, News!!!
So Many News at Gem Designs, get the note and take a look!!


Sent on 8/8/11

Attachment: Gem Back to 25L
Back to 25L and more news soon from *gem* Designs


Sent on 30/5/11

Attachment: Gem's News 05/31
Tomorrow at *Gem* Desings


Sent on 16/5/11

Attachment: News Gem Designs
This Next days at Gem Designs!!


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