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 Drinkinstein Sorbet
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 The sea Hole
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The sea hole updates for sea mates is a fun way to get exclusive freebies from drinkinsteins sea hole, as well as keeping up on all the latest skins, fashions,& home & garden items from the Hole!

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Sent on 17/5/13

Attachment: The Sea Hole Closes, with one WHALE of a farewell SALE!
The Sea Hole Is CLOSING forever!! Dont miss the One last blast 0'hole Sale Going on now! All merchandise has been marked down to just 50L $, from Lingerie to High quality mesh clothing , Shoes ,...


Sent on 13/5/13

Attachment: The Sea Hole Closes, with one WHALE of a farewell SALE!
The Sea Hole Closes, but do Blow your noses, Im Going out with one Whale of a farewell SALE, 50L $ everything SALE STARTS NOW!!


Sent on 20/2/13

Attachment: Collabor88's own Sophia Harlow and The Sea Hole are FRONTPAGE
WOW! Collabor88's own Sophia Harlow along with Vixie Rayna are on the Official Second Life Frontpage! How cool is that?! Congratulations LADIES!! Lovely Sophia is wearing the pieces from the Pan...


Sent on 7/2/13

Attachment: NEW! The Sea Hole for Collabor88 Feb, The Pan Bahatt Collection
Aloha Sea Hole pals, The New Sea Hole collection for Collabor88 is just hours away, spicy Cute seperates at LOW 88$ prices, details, pictures and a ride to c88 in the card


Sent on 25/9/12

Attachment: The Sea Hole in Tableau 20L $ Tanktops IN TABLEAU!
YES! happy faces for all, The Sea Hole now open in tableau, 20L tank top sale! Details , Pictures & a ride in the card


Sent on 6/9/12

Attachment: (none)
Woops! Due to unforseen schedule changes the sea hole will be closed to public for the next 30 hours or so, It will be back on the 7th, for the loss of sale shopping days I will extend my Moving...


Sent on 30/8/12

Attachment: The Sea Hole Is MOVING - 50 L SALE!!!
THE SEA HOLE IS MOVING, $50 L SALE ON NOW!!! Details, the new landmarks and huge savings await you in the card! I cant wait to see you there, <3 drink


Sent on 6/8/12

Attachment: NEW! The Sea Hole for Vintage Fair Out now!
The Sea Hole Does Retro nautical @ the vintage Fair & at the marketplace to make your life easy! dont miss this cute collection of affordable separates.


Sent on 16/7/12

Attachment: If you Bought The WonderWoods Mesh dresses , FREE UPDATE AVAIL
Free Update For The Sea Hole Wonderwoods Mesh Dresses Alpha Layers Now available! thank you! <3


Sent on 13/7/12

Attachment: NEW @ The Sea Hole on FRIDAY the 13th!
Brand New Sea Hole MESH dresses Out today! friday the 13th is turning out lucky for you because Today there is 6 new affordable mesh dresses Out Now at the Sea Hole, Cute drop waisted numbers with...