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Owner: Chiyoiche Toshi
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Owner: ThePinkVampire Solo (~*THE PINK VAMPIRE*~)
For my most gracious fans, this group provides exclusive notices of my select SL performances.

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~AiR~ Island

Owner: BadOne Resident
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~Alternating Current

Owner: AnnaCreed Resident
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~AMU~ News and Updates

Owner: Ailsa Muliaina (~AMU~ and Scribbler's Cove News )
Scribbler's Cove is an artist community in SL which focuses on supporting artists as well as exhibiting their work in our Gallery. This group will keep you informed of any events and exhibitions at the Cove and the merchants/exhibitors based there.

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~Club 69Sinz~ Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: LeBelleAme Resident
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~D R U M~

Owner: DMom2K Darwin (~D R U M~)
♫~D R U M~♫ (Divine Rhythms of Universal Music) DRUM's goal is to bring the world to you via the power of drumming. Our aim is to have fun and to create incredible, beautiful rhythms - live!

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~Gorgeous Dolls~

Owner: Kea Amarula
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~JoVaN LiVE~

Owner: Jovan Buchsbaum
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~Katiebumz~ Original Mesh Factory

Owner: KateMarie Westminster
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~Lil Tease Creations~ and In-Pose!

Owner: Trinity Graves (~Lil Tease Creations~)
A little brand with big ideas. We have clothing for men and women and even some Toddleedoo. Shoes, nail polish, accessories, poses for all shapes and sizes, furniture is coming soon, We even offer cakes and custom cakes for your speacial days.

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Owner: RokkiHana Resident (~macaroon)
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~Mani Pedi~ Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Miyushu Babii (~Mani Pedi~)
~Mani Pedi~ Nail Polish Appliers For Maitreya, Omega & Slink Available on Marketplace MANI PEDI SALON NOW OPEN @ Unforgettable Sim NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!
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~Raven Live~

Owner: Raven Zenoria
Born and raised in Georgia/USA, at the age of 35, Raven has been a stage performer since the age of 6. With a wide variety of genres, Raven has a voice and character that will make your heart sing.Raven loves to take you out of your comfort zone with the types of music she performs. Most of her live singing events are very up close and personal.

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~SIGMA~Jewels Mailing List

Owner: Sofi Trenkins (~SIGMA~Jewels )
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Owner: Marbella Pronovost (~Soedara~ )
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~Spices~ Update Group

Owner: Rosie Bergiere (~Spices~)
~Spices~ is a new elegant and classy gourmet experience in Second Life. Our parlour is a non-profit, RP-friendly hang out.

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~Stitched With Love~ Zooby Affiliate Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Tammie Hammand (~Stitched with Love~)
Zooby baby clothing Affiliated Store updates group for news, free gifts, zooby baby clothing, zooby baby bedding, zooby baby accessories

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~TBR~ The Blue Rose

Owner: Inara Sugarplum (~TBR~ The Blue Rose)
Update group with information about special sales offers for group members only, new product notices, currently G&S items on sale, rewards and group gifts. ~TBR~ The Blue Rose provides props, furniture with many high quality animations and buildings as well as G&S products.

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0seagypsy0 Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: 0seagypsy0 Resident
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1st Chapter Plaza

Owner: MattMonroe Resident
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245 - KittyCats! Shop Updates

Owner: Gloria Marchant (245 - KittyCats! Shop)
-Collectibles -New boxes added weekly -Retired and new traits Feel free to IM me if you're looking for something specific.

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2Peas Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: 2Peas Resident
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Owner: tacchi Rodas
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Owner: Cris Leakey ([octoplus])
8+ ⇒

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- Fantastic Dreams and Where To Find Them! - Five builders unite to bring customers dreams, magic, and whimsy. Building Daydreams, Jolly Tinker, Satyr's Moon, Story Collectors, & Wolf and Raven Explore the world of ~A FANTASY CREATORS COLLECTIVE~ at Ynys Seamaide

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a fine line. scribe-o.

Owner: Fine Caliber (a fine line.)
this store is about poses and other things.

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A Little Bit of Vince

Owner: Vince Ruissatel
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A&A Diamante Subscribe-O-Matic!

Owner: Alliana Petunia (::A&A:: Diamante Life is your creativity!)
Are you looking for that special piece of jewelry? Whether it is elegant or trendy, formal or for a wedding, come along to Diamantè, A&A's very own jewelry line and see what we have for you. Or are you looking for SLink enhancements addons? We carry both a wide range of nails and shoes that will complete any outfit. While you are there don't forget to check out the of ::A&A:: to find that perfect gift for that perfect someone! Diamantè & A&A because, Life is your...

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Abbie Danitz 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Abbie Danitz
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