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Copyright © 2018 CORPUS®. All rights reserved. CORPUS A new concept of posing on Second Life! Haute Couture, Editorial, Couple and many more. COSTUMER SERVICE ____________________________________ Problems with something? Please read this BEFORE sending IM to Diconay Boa 1_No delivery items please send Diconay Boa r IsaacGus a note card with transaction details; 2_CORPUS doesn't take responsibility for ANY mistake from the costumer before and after the purchase; 3_Drama and bad attitude? - No reply! 4_Products are no transfer - no refunds - no exchange - All sales are finale; 5_No time = No custom work! Sorry! 6_Before buying any pose set make sure is the one you want cause no refunds are provided. All CORPUS™ Poses are created and sold exclusively under Copyright! You are not allowed to create, resell or duplicate C O R P U S™ creations. Information on how Linden Labs protect copyright owners can be found on the link bellow:

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Sent on 11/11/18

Attachment: C O R P U S . Mainstore & Events News
Dear costumers, check out the NC sent for our new mainstore release! Also check out TLC and The Darkness Monthly Events for our new releases there! Enjoy! <3 CORPUS Team


Sent on 4/11/18

Attachment: C O R P U S . MANY NEWS
Dear customers, please read our Notecard for informations about the events we are featured in! <3 CORPUS Team


Sent on 12/10/18

Attachment: C O R P U S . October Group Gift & New Releases!
Dear Customer, check out the NC for the newest releases and events by CORPUS! <3 CORPUS Team