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 Noke Yuitza
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 E.V.E Studio
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"Open your eyes to imagination" Virtual life is an expansion of ourselves in this Digital Era, of our way of thinking, communicating, interacting… to life our unique identities in multiple ways. To imagine. E.V.E, more than offer you a fashion product for your Second Life, wants to help you to expand your imagination and preserve your originality. Be unique, break your barriers! Enjoy :)

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Sent on 6/9/19

E.V.E CELEBRATES 4TH YEARS! Sales, performers, art and more, check the cool article Linden wrote about:

Sent on 23/9/18

Attachment: E.V.E Anniversary 2018 - Week 04 (last week)
Aloha beauties, Sale Runs all week starting September 23rd 1:30 pm ~ 95% Off on a Marketplace item - Search Tag: #DYSFLOW

Sent on 1/9/18

Attachment: E.V.E 3RD ANNIVERSARY ~ WEEK 02
----------------- HAPPY BIRTHDAY E.V.E!!! ----------------- To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of E.V.E, for the next 4 weeks each Sunday at 1pm SLT, you will be able to discover the 95%...


Sent on 18/4/18

Attachment: E.V.E News - Stars Curtains
STARS CURTAINS M01 New release for Illuminate April. Opens the 18.

Sent on 7/11/17

Attachment: E.V.E NEWS - Ashes and Ice, The Flowers and Stones Path
ASHES AND ICE – FLOWERS AND STONES PATH New Gacha Release for FFC. Opens the 7th. Taxi:

Sent on 30/10/17

Attachment: E.V.E News - 48h of 66% Off this Halloween for E.V.E Members
Surprise!! Enjoy Halloween ;)


Sent on 28/6/17

Attachment: E.V.E News - Rapunzel Suit Glitter
Last days to get 25%Off on E.V.E Rapunzel Suit Glitter for HER! More info in the NC. Enjoy ;) Noke Yuitza


Sent on 11/5/17

Attachment: E.V.E News May W.02- Enchantment "Rapunzel in Evie"
Aloha flowers, As Rapunzel, we can become captives of our own circumstances. My new release is an interpretation of these towers and the Rapunzel that we keep inside. Teaser preview:

Sent on 9/5/17

Attachment: E.V.E News May W.01- Crossroads, TC4, We<3RP ,TLC and more
News May First Week: New releases, gifts and art openings! Enjoy ;) Noke Yuitza


Sent on 1/5/17

Attachment: E.V.E News - APOCALIPTICA Cyber Snakes Chains GACHA
E.V.E New Gacha Relelase for Memento Mori: APOCALIPTICA Cyber Snakes Chains. More inside the NC. Enjoy ;) Noke Yuitza