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Sent on 23/4/18

Attachment: Le Salon - Polka Cherry @ White Nights
The Polka Cherry ! Maitreya nail applier. At 35% Discount !


Sent on 9/4/18

Attachment: Le Salon - News - April 2018
Newness at The Avenue Event, Pastel Cats !


Sent on 25/3/18

Attachment: Le Salon - L'Asie Vintage @ White Nights
L'Asie Vintage on sale at White Nights


Sent on 27/2/18

Attachment: Le Salon - Palms @ The Avenue
Next to Hibiscus, there too is Palms ! Check the note <3 Love and Light Le Salon


Sent on 23/2/18

Attachment: Le Salon - Hibiscus @ The Avenue
Newness by Le Salon, nail applier in Hawaii style!


Sent on 31/1/18

Attachment: Le Salon - L'Asie @ The Avenue
New nail appliers for Maitreya @ The Avenue Event by Le Salon!


Sent on 23/1/18

Attachment: Le Salon - L'Asie New Years - Gold - Vendor
WIP for The Avenue Event February, starting the 1st of Feb !


Sent on 5/1/18

Attachment: Le Salon - L'Hiver Nails for Bloggers
News from Le Salon


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