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Prefabs, clothing, decor and more! Sign up for updates and information on discounts, freebies and new stuff!

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Sent 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: Z.O.E. NEW EXCLUSIVES! 5/15/20
Z.O.E. EXCLUSIVES, NEW & LAST CHANCE! Vanity opens up today with some new gorgeous exclusives, and it's the LAST DAY to pick up the ones from Flourish! Flourish exclusives will NOT be offered in...


Sent 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: Z.O.E. NEW GACHA & RAVE PARTY RELEASE! 5/8/20
Z.O.E. GACHA NEWNESS & FOAM PARTY INVITE! New rave party chandelier release this week, as well as a new bookshelf room divider gacha (Fully displayed in the shop). Stop by and have a look. Grab...


Sent 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: Z.O.E. WEEKEND DECOR SALE & EVENTS! 4/30/20
Z.O.E. WEEKEND SALES, NEW STUFF & EVENTS! Decor sale this weekend in the sale skybox demos, all half off. :D Flourish is ongoing, as well as your last chance for Vanity Event exclusives. New...


Sent on 25/4/20

Attachment: Z.O.E. WEEKEND SALE & EVENTS! 4/25/20
Z.O.E. SALES & EXCLUSIVES! Hey guys! Yes, I'm still here, lol. There's lots of new exclusive stuff to check out from grunge to fancy in this here notecard. Still some freebies, and Super Sale...


Sent on 11/4/20

Attachment: Z.O.E. NEW FREEBIE & EVENTS! 4/10/20
Z.O.E. NEW STUFF & NEW FREEBIES, YAY! Check out the notecard for many goodies and things. :D New Items, new freebies, and SPRING FLAIR is open now, too woot! :D ~Zanne


Sent on 29/2/20

Attachment: Z.O.E. NEW FREEBIE & DRAG?!! 02/29/20
Z.O.E. FREENESS, SALES, & DRAG..??? TONIGHT IS THE 5TH ANNUAL DRAG PAGEANT, YAY! Come join us for a hilariously great show and time, or even join in the pageant. Contest, prizes & gift cards...


Sent on 22/2/20

Attachment: Z.O.E. UPDATES, NEW EXCLUSIVES 02/22/20!!
Z.O.E. NEW SALES, EXCLUSIVES & LAST WEEK FOR HUNT! I shall apologize for the raunchy nature of this week's new release and hope everyone finds it as amusing as I did, lol. It's in the notecard! ...


Sent on 14/2/20

Attachment: Z.O.E. UPDATES, NEW EXCLUSIVES 02/14/20!!
Z.O.E. HUNT & NEW EXCLUSIVES & HAPPY VD! XD I know, I have been slacking the last week(ish), please do forgive! Some AWESOME new exclusives with the opening of two events this week, as well as...


Sent on 1/2/20

Attachment: Z.O.E. UPDATES, NEW STUFF & SALES 02/01/20!!
Z.O.E. NEW STUFF, 1L HUNT & SALES! Awesome stuff out for Super Sale Weekend, and the Raindrops on Roses Hunt has just begun, as well. :D New kitchen stuff in the shop @ 25% off for group members....


Sent on 25/1/20

Attachment: Z.O.E. UPDATES, NEW STUFF & SALES 01/25/20!!
Z.O.E. EVENTS, SALES & NEWNESS! Cute little addition for your kitchen in the shop new, as well as decors on sale for SSW this weekend only @ half price! Spicy Event is almost over and Vanity has...


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