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Fashion & Style With a touch of Personality and Passion. *Make-Up For TheMeshProject Heads ( TMP ), Altamura, Lelutka and Standard Avatar, Clothes Mesh and Mesh body Appliers Omega, Free Gifts, Shoes, Full Perm Jewellery, Accessories. Slink - Maitreya - Belleza - TheShops Dress Mini Skirt Sexy Tops Heels Original Designs

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Sent on 30/11/17

Attachment: CutePie Bento Nails 100L
Cute Bento Mesh Nail JUST THIS FRIDAY for 100L!


Sent on 27/11/17

Attachment: New SlackGirl Land Mark
Hi ladies here is my New Land Mark i had forgot to send a notecard about o.O ♥


Sent on 9/7/17

Attachment: NEW Products - SlackGirl
SlackGirl New Products Pictures with LMs


Sent on 3/5/17

Attachment: SlackGirl NEW & GIFT
Hi ladies here are some pictures and LM of newest releases ! xoxo


Sent on 23/4/17

Attachment: Bleeding Mascara!
A Bleeding Mascara!!! ♥ by SlackGirl


Sent on 18/4/17

SlackGirl´s Store Moved to a new Sim!!! ♥


Sent on 9/2/16

Attachment: Slackgirl Valentin Group Gift!
Happy Valentin!!! .. well not yet but here is my group gift!!!


Sent on 7/2/16

Attachment: SlackGirl's UPDATED 07-01-2016
NEWWWWSS by SlackGirl! ♥


Sent on 27/1/16

Attachment: SlackGirl - New Releases and Group Gift Jan 27th 2016
NEW releases on SlackGirl Events & Main store [ MESH & MAKEUP]


Sent on 17/1/16

Attachment: Last NEWS By SlackGirl
More News from SlackGirl o/ xoxo


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