The Curious Seamstress

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 Kembri Tomsen
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 Curious Seamstress
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A group for those who are interested in Curious Seamstress products

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Sent on 29/11/15

Attachment: Christmas land in Mieville Nov 29th, 2015
Greetings! I've news in the notecard about a sale and such. Happy Holidays!


Sent on 7/11/15

Attachment: Curious Seamstress & the No Such Thing hunt - November 7 - 28
A fun new hunt! Details in the notecard.


Sent on 7/10/15

Attachment: Curious Seamstress New Releases! 10-06-2015
Greetings! I've some new releases for you to check out! Please see the notecard for details. Thanks!


Sent on 19/5/15

Attachment: Curious Seamstress hunt news
Greetings! Please see the notecard for information on the two hunts Curious Seamstress is participating in this month. Thank you!


Sent on 6/4/15

Attachment: Curious Seamstress New Releases - April 5th, 2015
New releases from the Curious Seamstress! Please see the notecard for details. Happy Spring!