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Sent on 14/1/17

Attachment: *Preptopia* Cocktail Hour Release Note
Dear subscribers, please see the attached notecard for my newest release. We at Preptopia wish you a happy and healthy new year 2017!


Sent on 23/10/16

Attachment: *Preptopia* Cocktail Hour Release Note
Dear subscribers, in the notecard you will find all the information about the newest release at *Preptopia*.


Sent on 13/4/15

Attachment: *Preptopia* Spring Fling Release Note
Hi Preppies, please see notecard for my latest spring release, a lovely flowery dress :) Thank you! Lore


Sent on 22/3/15

Attachment: *Preptopia* Midnight Jazz Release Note
Dear Preppies, please find attached a notecard with infos about my new Midnight Jazz gown that is available at Fashion for Life. I want to encourage you to visit this wonderful event in favor...


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