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Sent on 12/1/19

Attachment: elvis 50s 60s Eng wear
Today 3 pm slt - Dj Sophia - Elvis Presley 50&60 years


Sent on 30/12/18

Attachment: Extreme Passion - 30-12 2pm
Today - 2pm slt - Italian romantic special /95 Today - 2 pm slt - Italian Romantic Special -

Sent on 3/12/18

Attachment: Today Bogarts 4pmsl
Special 2 hours Tangos & Boleros - Join us!!!


Sent on 30/11/18

Attachment: Wanderers Night Club. Frank Sinatra Invitation (Add e click me)
Today 3pm slt Join us!!!


Sent on 26/11/18

Attachment: Dj Sophia - 4pm Bogarts Jazz
Join us!


Sent on 12/11/18

Attachment: Today Bogarts 4pmsl
4pm Bogarts Jazz


Sent on 10/11/18

Attachment: Festa mistery of the sea wear
Today Mistery of the Sea Party - 3pm slt - Join us!!


Sent on 9/11/18

Attachment: Clube Wanderer 70's party eng
Today 3pm slt Disco Night Fever!!! Join Us!!!


Sent on 5/11/18

Attachment: Today Bogarts 4pmsl
Tangos & Boleros - Bogarts 4pm sltime


Sent on 26/10/18

Attachment: Hoje 21h Br - 5pm slt Dj Sophia e musicas brasileiras
Esperamos voces!!!


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