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This Subscrib-O group is for @->~ISD customers who wish to receive announcements on new releases and product updates. If any item is updated for any reason, even minor fixes, a notice will be sent about the update, followed shortly by a redelivery to any purchasers. You do not have to be a member to receive updated items, but you will know when they're coming ahead of time.

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Sent on 21/6/15

Attachment: @->~ISD Update June 2015
Heya, lovelies. Just a quick update on the WGF goodies and not much else, really.... YET! *rubs hands* Details and your hearse in the notecard as always. Stay Beautiful, ☥ Stacey


Sent on 22/5/15

Attachment: @->~ISD World Goth Day release for WGF 2015
Happy World Goth Day! http://www.worldgothday.com/ In celebration of this day, @->~ISD is releasing the Breedless Eye Tattoos, a matching...


Sent on 21/5/15

Attachment: @->~ISD at World Goth Fair 2015
Heya, lovelies. The darkness descends once more as World Goth Fair gets into full swing. Two weeks of Gothy goodness, and once again @->~ISD is there with a new Item for your nocturnal activities...


Sent on 15/4/15

Attachment: @->~ISD Ghoul Friend Gothabilly Outfit Pretty Face Pack
Heya, lovelies. Lots of reserved event items finally available, plus a brand new release! Details and your hearse can be found on the store blog:

Sent on 8/1/15

Attachment: A Tattered Page, Book II at @->~ISD
Heya lovelies. Somethings strange has grown in my garden this month, inspired by the science fiction legend Ray Bradbury. Details and your hearse are in the notecard. Stay Beautiful, ☥ Stacey


Sent on 17/12/14

Attachment: @->~ISD at Gothmas by Gaslight 2014
Gothmas has come again and that means it's time for Gothmas by Gaslight by Cursed Events! Three new releases and anew gacha as an ensemble set, plus a new Gothmas ornament gacha. Details and your...


Sent on 8/11/14

Attachment: A Tattered Page at @->~ISD
Heya, lovelies. A new event has started, with a bunch of new shiny newness from yours truly. Jewelry, accessories and more await within the tattered pages. Details and your hearse in the...


Sent on 24/10/14

Attachment: @->~ISD Update/New Releases #3 Oct. 2014
Third time's the charm! The third new release of October is out and on sale for the 3rd anniversary. A free gift is available along with the release, and the previous October gift and Midnight...


Sent on 12/10/14

Attachment: @->~ISD Update/New Releases #2 Oct. 2014
Heya, lovelies. Another update hot on the heels of the last. Two updated/expanded items hit the New Releases yesterday, on sale for the anniversary and everything! Product updates will be sent out...


Sent on 7/10/14

Attachment: @->~ISD Update/New Releases Oct. 2014
Heya, lovelies. I'm back with a new store and updated inventory in time for ISD's 3rd anniversary, and a new release (and gifts) in time for Halloween! See the card for details or visit the store...


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