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MC2U Miles Group

Owner: MC2U Miles (MC2U Miles Group)
I have been entertaining on SL since 2007 I'm also a builder, designer and artist :)

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Idella Quandry's Music

Owner: Idella Quandry (Idella Quandry's Music)
This group is for friends of Idella Quandry, a SL musician

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Radioactive Rosca's Group

Owner: Radioactive Rosca (Radioactive Materials)
Group related with Radioactive Rosca, Cascais and Utopia Portugal

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The Gentlemen Bastards' Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Skell Dagger (The Gentlemen Bastards)
The Gentleman Bastards Mini-Mall! Furniture, houses, orreries, dungeons, lamps, lanterns, skyboxes, low-prim skyboxes, male newbie starter kit, arbors, fireplaces, gentleman's study, yurt, Gorean servery, freebies... all kinds of stuff for cheap bastards everywhere.

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**AW Musik** - Subscriber

Owner: Aminius Writer
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Dream Things Update Group

Owner: pia Uladstron
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Lyric Serendipity's Amazing Subscribe-O-Matic Thingy

Owner: Lyric Serendipity
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Marqs DeSade - Music is Passion!

Owner: MarqsDeSade Resident (Marqs DeSade)
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Unicorn Shepherd 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Unicorn Shepherd (Unicorn Garden Breedable Market)
Unicorn Garden Auctions provides rentals and daily Auctions for your Breedables. Auctions held for mixed Drop & Classic Auctions. Monthly Elite Amaretto Breedable Auctions, and BID BOARDS..FIRE SALES & HUNTS too! Horses, Ponie Pals, Chicken, K9, WK papillon, oYo, kittycats,Gachas..MORE

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bill473 Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: bill473 Resident
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Urban Harvy's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Urban Harvy
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Owner: Brucie Lusch (Muckers)
Just a place for friends to hang, have fun, and enjoy a nice bit of music :)

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Owner: ThePinkVampire Solo (The Pink Vampire ®)
For my most gracious fans, this group provides exclusive notices of my select SL performances.

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Pondman's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: PonDman Haalan
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Music Soulmate 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Silvianne Resident
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Frederic Heberle 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Frederic Heberle
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Guitar Zane 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Guitar Zane
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Owner: Thunderfoot Lorefield
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Barefoot Designs

Owner: Jeremey Ryan (Barefoot Designs)
Barefoot Designs is the parent company for Barefoot Apparel and Barefoot Homes & Designs. Barefoot Designs is owned by Jeremey Ryan. Barefoot Designs Headquarters is located in Snafu. Barefoot Apparel is now located in Zeord.

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[domus] Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Fanny Panacek
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Paris Obscur - Friends and fans

Owner: JonathanDimitri Soderstrom (Paris Obscur - Friends and Fans)
Joining this group will give you the opportunity to get news about the coming shows and events around Paris Obscur, french live performer in Second Life.

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The Balut Runway HUD Message Center

Owner: Monica Balut
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Brightest Day Productions Concert Updates

Owner: BilliAnn Bravin (Brightest Day Productions)
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Zashiki-gi Kimono

Owner: Toshiha Magic (Zashiki-gi Kimono)
Zashiki-gi Kimono makes traditional-style kimono for women, geisha, maiko, and all members of the karyukai, as well as some related accessories. We hope to release men's kimono soon, too!

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Eliza's Gallery

Owner: Eliza Cabassoun (Eliza's Gallery)
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Central Park Pavilion Mailing List

Owner: Sandra Schwamm
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Club Josephina

Owner: Josephina Bonetto (Club Josephina)
Second Life Nightclub opened 21 July 2007, based in the mainland region of Trueblood, home to regular events. All events have live DJs and contests and we hold one Open Mic Night a week. Mapoo Little performs once a month live. Events are: Tue - 1pm SLT - KJo's Sezzame Wed - 1pm SLT - Open Mic Night Fri - 1pm SLT - DJ Grape Sat - 1pm SLT - DJ Grape Sun - 1pm SLT - DJ Josephina

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Llyr's Fish & Mer Market

Owner: Branwynn Dawner (Llyr's Fish & Mer Market)
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Beach Bunns

Owner: Cathiee McMillan (beach Bunns)
Beach Bunns! Swimwear & Clothing Designs by Cathiee McMillan. This Group is the Update group as well as the the customer social chat group. Swimwear, kini's, Bikini's, Bathing Suits, Surf Boards, Surf, Shorts, Board Shorts, Tops, Beach, Bunns, Bumms, Butt. Shorts. Jeans, Photography, Polaroids.

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The Blue Note Group

Owner: Naydee McGettigan (The Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge)
~*THE HOME OF SL'S ♫Cool Cats♫ !*~ This Group is for The Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge ~11 YEARS IN SL & STILL SWINGIN'!!!!

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